What is a Transponder Key For a Car?

Transponder car keys, often referred to as car keys with a chip, come in many shapes and sizes. Some are built into remotes with buttons, and others appear to be regular keys with no buttons and only a plastic on the head of the key. This is where the transponder micro chip is installed. Keep in mind that car keys without transponder chips can also have a plastic around the key, although its usually thinner.

What is the Purpose of a Transponder Chip in My Car Key?

Transponder keys are part of the anti-theft system found on most cars built today. Most anti-theft systems has three parts to it: The Engine Immobilizer, the Transponder Key, and the Alarm.

  • The Immobilizer is a computer built into your car that contains stored key codes. If no stored key with the proper code is in proximity of the ignition (most push to start vehicles) or is inserted in the ignition (traditional key blade ignition vehicles) then the computer will immobilize or rather disable the engine from starting. With this system engaged, the chances of a car thief stealing your car is lowered considerably.
  • Transponder Car Key is embedded with a micro chip which contains a unique code to that specific car key. If that car key code is programmed into the Vehicle’s Immobilizer Computer, then that key will have the clearance to disable the immobilizer and anti theft systems and start the car.
  • A Vehicle equipped with a factory car Alarm in most cases will work along side the immobilizer to ensure the possibility of theft is minimal. The Key will usually enable the alarm when the car is locked and will be able to disable the alarm if triggered by accident. On some vehicles, setting off the alarm will keep the immobilizer engaged until the alarm is disabled which can only be done with a key.

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