3 Myths About Smart Keys for Cars

Not that long ago, cars still had keys that worked like actual keys. They opened and locked the doors and brought your vehicle to life with a turn of a key in the ignition. The next generation brought remote controlled locks, which rapidly became standard in almost all cars. No longer did people have to struggle to unlock their doors while holding multiple shopping bags.

After a while, remote controlled, power assisted trunk lids came into the industry. Remote starters appeared to make our lives easier by allowing us to start the car and turn on either heat or A/C before having the vehicle in our sights. The first smart keys were introduced almost 20 years ago in 1999. Nowadays, smart keys for cars have become a standard, at least in all the higher optioned models.


Is Keyless Fob Replacement Expensive?

Another common myth is that replacing a smart key is both challenging and extremely expensive. Locksmiths offer car key replacement among other services in case your smart key is broken or needs replacement. Smart key reset or rekey is something many skilled locksmiths also provide. If you end up losing your key, you can also still use your traditional key to get into your vehicle. Going through a locksmith versus a dealership will save you more money. Find out more about the process of getting new car keys.

Smart Keys for Cars


Are Keyless Ignition Cars Thief-Proof?

Smart keys for cars make your life much easier. No need to reach for your pocket or purse to find the actual keys. Just walk up to your vehicle, reach for the handle and your door opens like magic. Starting the car requires a push of a button, while your keys remain in your pocket, purse, or backpack. As long as they are near or on you, the vehicle sensors can identify them.

However, there is a downside to it. A common myth or belief is that you cannot drive a car without the key in it. This myth is a common misconception. If you happen to step away from the vehicle after pressing “push-start,” the car will continue to run whether the key is near it or not. We suggest never leaving your vehicle running and unattended, just as you wouldn’t if you had a traditional key.


Do Remote Car Starters Damage your Car?

There are numerous myths about remote starters, too. As usual, not all of them all true. Whether you have a remote starter installed by the factory or an aftermarket accessory, the central fact to remember for safe use is to follow manufacturer’s or installer’s directions on how to use the device safely. Neither remote starters or smart keys for cars cause any additional risk in your daily life, but they might make it a bit more luxurious and easy.

In any case where you lose your key, get it stolen, or when it no longer works, a locksmith can help fix the problem for you. QLP Locksmith can assist with any key whether it’s a traditional metal key or a keyless fob. If you have any concerns about your keys, let us help you! We can reprogram your remote car keys, fix the battery on your push start, and even create any key replacement. Contact us to learn more.