4 Instances When You Need to Replace Your Car Keys

Whether we are driving a brand new Tesla or a forty-year-old station wagon, our cars provide us with transportation from point A to point B. Oddly enough, we pay so much attention to things like oil changes, car washes, types, and fuel, but we tend to pay the least attention to the most valuable part of our car— the key that starts it! This article breaks down the variety of situations where replacing your car key is essential to help you find the best, most affordable solution to getting you a new set and back on the road.

1. Your Keys Have Been Lost or Stolen

This situation is a little less obvious the others on this list. That’s why we figured we needed to bring it up. The problem with lost or stolen keys is that they represent a security risk to your vehicle, and the same goes for key fobs. Even if you have a backup pair of keys, you need to know where the other pair went or your car is going to be vulnerable to theft. If your keys have been lost or stolen or you need a key fob replacement, then consider replacing car keys as soon as possible.

2. The Keys are Damaged.

Damage is one of the most common reasons for replacing car keys. Keys get worn down by constant use, which means you need to replace them periodically. Nowadays, most keys also contain a transponder which is a small unit that sends a secure signal to your car’s ignition to start the engine. If these chips sustain damage due to moisture or other problems, you’ll need new keys and also to reprogram the receiver unit.

3. You Want to Increase Your Car’s Security.

Transponders are standard on the vast majority of automobiles manufactured today. However, this technology has only really been used in the last ten to twenty years. If you have an older vehicle, particularly a restored vintage car, you might want to consider upgrading your lock system and replacing the car keys.  

These vehicles have a lot of charm, from their design to the power under the hood. Moreover, older cars don’t need much more than a screwdriver to turn the locks and ignition.

4. Security System Malfunction

Most modern cars have a wide variety of security measures to deter theft. It doesn’t just include the key, but everything from the ignition to the central computer and alarm system. If someone has tried to break into your vehicle or you’re experiencing a system malfunction, replacing car keys may be essential in getting your security system to function normally again.

Replacing Car Keys is Now Easier than Ever

Nowadays, car key replacements have never been easier. You don’t have to go the dealer and get overcharged for a new set. Instead, get in touch with our expert technicians, who can come to you no matter where you are. We have the tools, technology, and experience to replace and create nearly any type of key on the spot. In addition, we can order keys for your home, office, storage units and more so you can quickly get access to whatever you need, whenever you need it.