rekey and rest assured you are the only one holding that key

what you should know about rekey your house or business 

Getting your entryways rekey from time to time can cut down on the number of people that have access to your home.  People give others keys to their properties for various reasons.  However, those keys can be copied and are copied all the time.  This is why getting your home rekey from time to time will add a level of security to your home.  Securing your home or business has never been easier.  We can do this fairly quickly and inexpensively.

So, what is rekey anyway?

We rework the existing lock so your old keys no longer work.  Locks have tumblers inside, as shown in the above image.  These tumblers can be adjusted to be unique to that lock.  We then can make a key that will fit it perfectly.  This is also a great idea when you are trying to have just one key fit all the locks in the home.  We can come out and rekey all the locks to match so that one key will open all the doors.  We can even do this to the interior doors as well.  If you should want matching locks on the indoor doors as well as the entryways we can help.  Let yourself into any door with just one key.

There are many reasons to have a rekey.  But most people often believe they need to change out the whole lock.  While this is an option, many times it’s more expensive and it’s hard to find the hardware that will look right on the door.  Should the door be faded or painted, this can add another level of complication.  The idea to rekey is so that your existing keys that are out there in anyone’s hands cannot be used on this lock any longer.  This means that those people will no longer have access to your property with their key.  As the key will no longer work in that same lock you had before.  This is a cost effective way because it uses the existing components.  The locks will have to be removed from the door to get the rekey, as we need access to the inner cylinder.

Rekey to save on Keys Needed

Keys get bulky and heavy quickly.  Depending on your job, what you drive and the home, you can have sets of keys for all sorts of places.  So, why not simplify the home life with a key that can open all the parts of your home.  If you are concerned there might be someone out there with a key to your home, get your home rekey and rest assured you are the only one holding that key.

The process of rekey is quite simple for us to complete and shouldn’t take much time at all.  This is certainly something that we recommend you hire a professional to do.  An untrained person could get you locked out pretty easily.  It’s not complicated, however, it does require some specialized tools and training to complete properly.  This is a much less expensive approach to getting new locks on your property versus having brand new locks installed.  But, if your locks are not that great to start with, they are old or worn out, you may consider getting something new.   We rekey as well as install new locks for homeowners and business and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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