Locksmith Guide: 4 Rules to Remember When Locked Out of House

There’s nothing more unpleasant than getting locked out of your own home. Maybe you accidentally lost your keys or closed the door without remembering to grab them. Whatever the reason, the timing is almost always unfortunate, like on your way to an important meeting or carrying containers of melting ice cream. Don’t worry; we have some helpful rules to help you if you are locked out of the house and are looking to get back in as quickly as possible.

1. Prevent the Situation and Ask for Help

Hindsight is 20/20, but there are numerous ways you can prevent this situation. If you live with people, it’s not difficult to get them to come around to let you in. If not, you can certainly call your landlord who usually has a copy of your key and may be close enough to swing by to unlock the door.

If you have a trusted neighbor, be sure to leave a copy with them, or if you have a really good hiding place, you can always keep one there.

2. Search for Open Windows

We don’t recommend leaving your windows unlocked, but it can happen. If the weather has been excellent, it’s entirely possible you forgot to close one. Likewise, there may have been a sudden rainstorm, and you forgot to swing the latch. If this is the case, you can use the window as an entry point, just be sure to be careful not to damage the screen or any furniture in the area.

3. Remember You’re Not a Master Thief

There are plenty of articles out there that might advise you to do things like using a credit card to swipe the lock or taking off your doorknob. Whatever you’ve seen on movies and tv doesn’t necessarily play out in the real world. Being locked out of the house is no fun, but neither is the damage you might do to your lock or door.

At best, you get into your house and realize how vulnerable it is while at worst you do possibly hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

4. Call a Locksmith

This is honestly the best solution if the others don’t work for you. When locked out of the apartment, you are wasting precious time. These days residential lockout service is easier and more affordable than ever. These trained service personnel can fix a lock in no time at all without damaging any of your property.

Locked Out of House? Not a Problem!

Getting locked out of a house is not fun at all. But if you follow these easy rules, you’ll be back in no time at all. If you are standing outside in the cold waiting around, be sure to connect with one of our Locksmith technicians. They can help you with all kinds of solutions such as whether you in need of rekeying vs. changing locks along with many other things. So stop waiting around outside and contact one today!