How to Save Money with a Key Fob Replacement

A lot has changed in the past decade or so when it comes to key fob replacement. Back in the day, losing your car keys meant calling your car’s dealership or a local hardware store to get a key made–costing you next to nothing. These days, with advancements in technology, manual keys have been superseded by key fobs, which if lost, can be expensive to replace. As convenient as fobs have become, losing them is frustrating and costly. The good news is there is no need to panic if you lose your fob. In this article, we’ll share ways to purchase a key fob replacement without breaking the bank.

Welcome to Convenience

Gone are the days when you had to juggle car keys with everything else you had in your arms when attempting to get in your car. In olden days, trying to find the right key and getting it into the car door seemed like a tremendous feat. Thanks to advancements in technology, car owners are fortunate to have key fobs for newer car models. These once futuristic keys now allow a car owner to not only get into their car without much effort, but many offer a bonus of being pushed to start key fobs–making starting a car as simple as the push of a button. Although key fobs provide a greater sense of convenience, if lost, a key fob replacement can be quite expensive.

Car Key Replacement

Just like their precursors, key fobs get lost all the time and it’s just as frustrating as it used to be. Whether it be a car key replacement or key fob replacement, there are simple options that will help you avoid spending a lot of money.
In addition to the stress of cost, time is of the essence if you cannot locate your car keys or fob. One alternative to ordering a replacement from an auto dealership is going to a local key repair facility. Not only will this save you money, but will also prevent you from wasting valuable time in the long run.

A Locksmith Can Save the Day

Damaged keys are another issue car owners may one day face. There is no reason to worry if you find yourself with a key fob that will not work. Whether the key fob fails to unlock or start your vehicle, getting a key fob replacement from a trusted locksmith is the perfect answer. Be warned, do not attempt to repair a broken key fob on your own. Reports of car owners trying to find YouTube videos on how to fix key fobs have resulted in damaged fobs that could have been repaired by a qualified technician. Find a reputable key repair facility or call your local locksmith for repair issues or a key fob replacement.

Lost or damaged keys and key fobs are an unfortunate occurrence many car owners have to do deal with. However, the situation can be resolved cost-effectively and within a reasonable timeframe. If you are in need of a key fob replacement, are struggling with an auto lockout, or need manual keys made to replace lost ones, contact the lock experts at QLP. We have technicians located throughout the San Diego area to help when you need it the most.