Installing New Locks on French Doors

A client called us last weekend because she had old locks on her french doors that were sticking as well as one of the handles would keep coming off with enough force. She decided to replace them as the internals of the lock were rusting anyways. She took off the old lock herself, found the lock she wanted then called us out.

We sent a locksmith out that we had near her location and he installed the locks of her choosing.

The client made our job easier and her bill cheaper by removing the old rusted out lock. The client chose a black satin lock to replace the gold lock she had prior to our visit. Their are different locks that fit on different french doors and many have a variety of different styles and installation options. Some are installed in the profile of the door much like the average commercial lock is, where a hole big enough to put a lock case containing most of the locking hardware is cut into the profile side of the door. Holes are then drilled in the front and back of the door to add the handles. The keyhole usually sits flush with the door.

In this case the locking mechanism is a long narrow device called a latch that slides into the door in a hole cut into the side, When the key is turned it disengages the latch making the door locked. The other door must be anchored to the floor or ceiling to act as a wall or a door frame and keep the other door locked. When the key is turned it engages the lock’s tailpiece that runs from one side of the door to the other where it meets with a thumb turn or a double sided lock in the case of glass doors on the inside. In the middle of the lock a linkage connects the handle and latch mechanism, making it easy to unlock the door from the inside even if its locked.

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