How to Handle a Commercial Van Lockout

If you work for a business that has you driving a commercial van, or you drive your commercial van, chances are you experience a lockout sooner or later. Every vehicle owner is likely to experience a lockout at one point in their life, but when it happens with a commercial van, there are a few problems and challenges to overcome.

In case you ever find yourself staring at your keys in the ignition through the window of a locked door on your vehicle, here is a guide to dealing with a commercial van lockout quickly and effectively.

1. Inform your Employer

Calling your boss is a step that many people skip when dealing with an auto lockout on a commercial vehicle. You might be on the clock, or your car might be burning up fuel while you wait for the professional help to arrive, so you should let your employer know about your commercial van lockout.

Most of the time, they will know where to attribute the extra fuel and time used up. They’ll probably be willing to foot the bill as well, even if you end up needing full-on commercial key repair.

2. Try 911 First

While car key lockout services are available, they will cost you. Using the police can be a free way to remedy the situation in most cases. Unless you have a keyless ignition or electronic locks, the cops will likely be able to open your door for you or call you a tow truck if they aren’t capable. Towing companies often offer lockout services in addition to towing.

3. Get Roadside Assistance

Another way to get out of trouble without spending much is to use a service like AAA or Allstate for your commercial van lockout. If you have a deal with your insurance company when it comes to lockout services or if you’re still on the basic warranty of your commercial van, you might be able to get your door unlocked for free or for a minimal charge.

commercial van lockout

4. Call a San Diego Locksmith

If all else fails, you should call a San Diego locksmith. A local locksmith can be out to your location immediately at any time of day. They can also provide you with other services like key crucial repair or replacement, should you need to make use of them. If your keys are lost or stolen, it’s very important that you get them replaced.

It’s important even if you aren’t driving a commercial van, but even more so if you are. Replacing your keys could mean the difference between getting it stolen or not, which is something that could be devastating for you and your business.

An Auto Lockout is an Easy Fix

Don’t freak out if you’ve experienced a commercial van lockout; it’s a problem that can be solved in a few hours if not less. Inform your business and call the police first. Your boss probably won’t be mad at you, and they’ll be able to account for lost time/fuel that way.

If the police can’t unlock your door for free, they can call a tow truck, or you can call a San Diego Locksmith. Either way, with a phone and a little bit of know-how, you can remedy a commercial van lockout almost instantly and be on with your day like it never happened.