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Quick Lock & Pick can re-key your existing locks, or change them for something new if desired. We can also fix a lock you are having an issue with providing its in a repairable condition. Some locks such as cam locks for mailboxes, can't be re-keyed or it would be impractical as a new one would be cheaper. The reason is because some locks use wafers and not pins as the bolt mechanism which to replace it in some locks is impossible! Replacing it 

     Re-Keying and Changing the Key means to change the existing lock hardware to work with a new key, and stop working with the old key. This is done by remove the lock from your door, removing the cylinder (pictured below) and changing the combination of the pins to fit a new key, then ensuring that the springs, and top pins are in perfect shape, if not our locksmith tech will replace them for you. Re-keying a lock is more practical in most cases for our clients as its cheaper than replacing the whole lock and you still have the security you desire. 

     Most clients are happy with the way their lock looks and functions as long as it provides the proper security for your home. If your happy with your lock and only want to change the keys that work on the lock then you would want to re-key it.

This Lock is being Re-Keyed, Meaning the Pin Combination is Changed to Work With a New Key

This Lock is being Re-Keyed, Meaning the Pin Combination is Changed to Work With a New Key

     You can also upgrade your existing lock's security by re-kying it instead of spending more money on a secure lock. Their are different pins that can be used to increase the security of your lock and make it harder to pick.  A few situations where a re-key would be recommended would be in the event of buying a new property. Re-keying the locks to your new home ensures the previous owners or tenants don't have access anymore with the old key, only the key we provide you will work your locks.


Changing Your Lock refers to changing the actual lock hardware, not just the bottom pins, top pins, and spring like in a re-key.

     Repairing Your Lock is our speciality! Our technicians have the experience and tools to get your lock working again! In most cases, out techs carry the common pieces that break on locks. We also extract broken keys that is stuck inside the lock. Call QLP Locksmith for fast lock repair service today!

The price of re-keying your existing lock depends on the type or brand of lock, if you have the current keys for the lock, and the condition that the lock is in. New lock cost varies, as it depends on what lock you select, and if any changes need to be made to your door or door frame for the new lock to fit. In some circumstances it is possible that the price may be higher than the ranges shown above, depedning on your specific type of lock. A Quick Lock & Pick technician will be able to asses the price when he or she is on-site with the lock. A total price will be presented to you before any work is started.