Chrysler Key Replacement, Ignition Services & Key Programming

Call (858) 231-0248 For a Replacement Car Key at a Low Cost!

Call (858) 231-0248 For a Replacement Car Key at a Low Cost!

QLP Locksmith San Diego Makes Car Keys and Repair Ignitions For Chrysler Vehicles at a Low Price - Call (858) 231-0248 Today!

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When making a car key, theirs a lot of variables involved in making the key, such as can we get a code from the car, or will we have to buy one? Can we program the key without a PIN Code, or do we have to buy one from the manufacturer? Without physically being at your Chrysler, our technician would have a difficult time providing you with a flat estimate. This is because with some cars we're able to pull a code from the door lock to cut the key, and a code from the anti-theft computer to program a key. However, sometimes the car doesn't have either code and we need to buy it from the manufacturer, in this case its Chrysler. Thats why we only charge a $25 Trip Charge for our mobile locksmith to drive out to your Chrysler and give you an exact price for how much your replacement car key would cost. If the cost is out of your range, then you can decline and only pay for the trip charge.


What Do We Need From You?

In order to cut and program a key for your Chrysler, we'll need a valid Drivers License, with a valid Vehicle Registration, or Title to confirm ownership of the vehicle. 


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More Information Regarding Chrysler Car Keys

     Chrysler car keys come in 4 different types. The first type is a metal non-transponder key. Transponder Keys have computer chips in them that allow the car to start and run. For more information about Transponder Keys, click here. The Metal non-transponder mechanical key with a key blade is found on most Chrysler models up until around 2004.


     After 2004, the majority of Chrysler keys are equipped with a Transponder chip inside the key. This type of key usually has a black, or grey plastic around the head of the key, with no buttons for unlock or locking the car. The remote unlock featured were usually on a separate remote if your car was equipped with one. The transponder chip is embedded inside the plastic head of the key and allows your car to run if it has an immobilizer anti-theft security system. If your car needs to have a key with a chip to start the igniton, it will need a key with a transponder, and for that transponder key to be programmed to the car.  Around 2009 Chrysler started making an all in one Transponder Key + Remote Fob Key standard on most Chrysler models. From 2012 until now, Chrysler uses the All in One Remote Fob with an emergency key blade. This key is used exclusivley for Chrysler push to start igntions.