Why You Should Rekey Your New Home

how to rekey a lock QLP Locksmith

Rekeying your new home is one of the smartest and safest things you can do when it comes to home security. You don’t need to know how to rekey a lock to do it, either. You can call a team to come and rekey locks the same day, providing you with an instant security upgrade.…

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Installing New Locks on French Doors

A client called us last weekend because she had old locks on her french doors that were sticking as well as one of the handles would keep coming off with enough force. She decided to replace them as the internals of the lock were rusting anyways. She took off the old lock herself, found the…

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Front Door Lock Repair

This client called our mobile locksmith service because her key had stopped working in her front door and she didn’t have a key for the sliding glass door in the back. One of our technicians inspected the troublesome lock and saw that the key would go in and turn the lock cylinder, but it wouldn’t…

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