So You Lost Your Office Keys, Now What?

lost keys

It’s happened to all of us. You’re standing outside somewhere searching for your keys to get into through the door when you realize you don’t have them. Now, this is a pretty scary feeling if you’re trying to get in your house or your car, but what if you happened to be trying to go…

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How to Handle a Commercial Van Lockout

commercial van lockout

If you work for a business that has you driving a commercial van, or you drive your commercial van, chances are you experience a lockout sooner or later. Every vehicle owner is likely to experience a lockout at one point in their life, but when it happens with a commercial van, there are a few…

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Commercial Locksmith High Security Lock Installation

Does your business need an industrial locksmith who installs the highest security commercial locks? Search no further, QLP Locksmith San Diego is a local, fast and affordable locksmith that specializes in commercial, high-security locks, push exit bars, commercial lock repair and custom installation!

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Lock Re-Key & Installation in San Diego Office

Our dispatcher got a call from a contractor who needed a locksmith for an office construction site. He needed to re-key the main door locks and to install a push bar or also known as a panic or exit bar lock on the back door for safety and security. A QLP Locksmith technician arrived at…

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Commercial Mortise Lock Repair

This client’s lock is a mortise cylinder commercial grade lock which was held in by a set screw. The set screw was old and rusted out and broke when an employee put the wrong key in and turned the lock a little too hard putting stress on the screw which held the lock inside the…

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Push Bar Repair

We had a client call our mobile locksmith service because he was having a problem with his push bar/panic bar that was mounted on the back door of his shop. He told our technician that it had been a gradual problem that kept getting worse until the whole push bar was stuck in the open…

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