Car Key Programming

Automotive Keys Cut and Programmed For a Low Price!

  • We Program Transponder Keys (With a Computer Chip)
  • High Security “Laser Cut” Keys with a chip programming
  • Car Key Remote Programming
  • Re-flash programming for certain Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and Acura car models.
  • Push to Start Key Fobs
  • VATS GM Car Keys
  • Can Erase Old Keys from Car’s Memory Upon Request (Not supported on all vehicles)

Programming keys or coding keys are fancy terms for adding a new key to your car. Most vehicles after 2005 are equipped with an immobilizer anti-theft system, and are paired with transponder chip car keys to disengage the immobilizer system. In short, the immobilizer disables the engine from starting without the proper key with the proper code transmitted by the chip inside the transponder key. Even if a thief were to break the ignition lock cylinder and get it to turn to the “run” or “on” position, without the corresponding transponder key, the car would recognize a theft and keep the engine disabled, the only things the thieves can take is stuff inside the car, like the only copy of that mixtape you’ve been working on. Even with advanced security features its always to remove or hide valuables in your vehicle when left unattended. This system works to deter thieves, however, can be a hassle if you need a new key. For more on our car key replacement services.

This service is only to program a car key. If the key is uncut and needs to be cut, it is the price of cutting the key + the range shown above to program. The price to program a key depends on the type vehicle and the security system of the vehicle. (Alarm, engine immobilizer, etc.) A QLP Locksmith technician will be able to asses the price when he or she is on-site with the vehicle.

A total price will be presented to you before any work is started.