3 Reasons Why a Key Duplication is Necessary

You’re better safe than sorry. The saying is cliché, but it rings true in so many circumstances, especially during an auto lockout. Getting a car key duplication for your vehicle is a massive safety net for you in the inevitable event you find yourself unable to get into your car. Not only is having the option to pull a spare key out of your pocket and move on with your day convenient, it actually will save you tons of trouble in a variety of other ways.

Let’s get into 3 reasons why you need a car key duplication and how it can save your hide in the event of a car lockout.


1. A Car Lockout is Almost Unavoidable

Ask anybody you know who owns a car, and they’ll tell you they’ve gotten locked out of it before. You use your car so much, and it becomes such an automatic process that it’s tough to keep tabs on your keys at all times.

Eventually, they’ll end up in a place where you can’t find them, and this is where an automotive locksmith will come in handy. By getting a car key duplication made, you can turn a major problem into an easy solution.


2. You’ll Save Money

By investing in a duplicate key, you will eventually save yourself a lot of money when you do get locked out of your car. Say you need to take a taxi, hit the carpool lane, or even call a tow truck. Your bill is going to be much higher than the cost of getting a duplicate key made, plus you’ll need to buy a new key anyway.


3. Prevent Damage

Often a car owner will attempt to unlock the car themselves. They might use a coat hanger, Slim Jim, or another tool to try to get their door open. This can severely damage the inside of your door and its lock, leading to even more repair costs in the long run.

And we all know a person who merely smashed their window out and covered it with plastic or cardboard to avoid having to pay someone to help them.

Getting a new window is yet another problem you’ll face if you find yourself without a car key duplication during a lockout.


Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

When you use QLP Locksmith, getting your spare key is quick and straightforward. Driving around without a spare key can not only lead to substantial extra costs for repair and emergency help, but it can also actually put your life in danger. Especially if you find yourself locked out of your car in a dangerous area like an inner city street late at night, you could be putting yourself in serious jeopardy.

Spend the money on a car key duplication and thank us later. Not only will it give you extra peace of mind, but it will also instantly smooth things over when you reach the inevitable moment where you reach into your pocket and find that you cannot find your original car key.