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Car Key Making (Key Cutting & Programming)

Are your car keys lost or broken? We can replace your lost car keys! QLP Locksmith's automotive technicians are certified locksmiths who specialize in transponder keys, high security keys, and key programming for modern cars. Our techs also perform master key making and programming for certain vehicle makes such as Toyota and Honda.

If you already have a working master key or transponder key for your car and you would like a copy of the key, you can stop by our locksmith shop located at 4356 Genesee Avenue, San Diego, CA 92117. The price is cheaper to come by the shop then it is to have a mobile locksmith dispatched to your location. Please keep in mind that high security keys usually cannot be duplicated because of the precision required to the cut the new car key can usually only be achieved with a factory key code. Regular key duplication is very much possible unless the key is too worn for duplication.

The methods for programming a key to the immobilizer varies by vehicle model. QLP Locksmith performs ECU Re-Flashing for certain Honda, Lexus, and Toyota vehicles for a fraction of the cost that the dealership would charge. Top of the line vehicles from these manufactures in the late 1990's and early 2000s usually came equipped with a master key system and an advanced anti-theft immobilizer as well as high security locks. This made it effective in preventing vehicle theft, however losing the master key usually ends up being a costly fix. (Not when you call Quick Lock and Pick Locksmith though) With an original master key, a locksmith like us would be able to use specialty diagnostic and programming tools to add a new car key via the master key. However, once the master key is lost, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) needs to be re-flashed in order to add a new key. In simpler terms, the computer brains that control almost every aspect of the vehicle need to be removed from somewhere in the engine bay or behind the dashboard, and a special tool needs to be applied directly to the circuit board to open a time window for a new key to be added without any encryption, once the new master key is successfully added, the ECU programming window is closed, your car's security system becomes encrypted once more, and you have the option of adding additional keys via the master key.

Ignition Repair and Replacement