11 Easy Steps to Rekey Your Locks

Buying and installing entirely new locks is always an option when you need to rekey your home’s locks. But this proves to be an expensive solution to a simple issue; it leads to locks and doorknobs being thrown away for no good reason. Furthermore, you end up with multiple keys if you rekey a number of locks. Here we will guide you on how to rekey your locks by yourself in 11 easy DIY steps.

Locksmiths perform a lot of rekeying tasks. The majority of homeowners are unaware that they can rekey their locks by themselves. The cost of rekeying several locks can be substantial, especially if you need to do so repeatedly. Additionally, if you enjoy new challenges, rekeying a lock is a relatively inexpensive project you can use to learn about locks.

Lock Rekeying: When to Do It?

Rekeying a lock is mostly carried out when a key or keys have been lost or stolen. A rekeyed lock makes it impossible for someone who finds a key and matches it to the lock to open the lock and gain access. A rekeying is also recommended when renters, housemates, spouses, or partners leave home with a key or duplicate of the key, and the keys are still around.

11 Steps to Rekey Your Locks

All you need to have is a proper equipment kit and patience to rekey your locks. The following are 11 easy steps to rekey your locks.

  1. Remove the Exterior Door Knob

Put the key in and turn it a quarter turn to the right. Remove the Knob from the shank by pressing the clip with the remover tool included in the kit.

  • Pull the Cylinder Lock away from the Knob

Remove the key by turning it a quarter-turn back. Take the cylinder out.

  • Clip Ring off by Pushing it

There will be a tool in the kit that will help you remove a C-shaped clip from the cylinder lock.

  • Take the Key Plug out of the Key Housing

You will find a device in the kit that will help you remove the key plug from the housing.

  • Get rid of the Old Pins

Remove the old pins from the plug and drop them on a clean, flat surface. Ensure that the old pins are not mixed in with the new ones.

  • Put the New Key In

Insert the new key and remove the old one.

  • Add the New Pins

In the kit, there should be a chart that shows the new pin order. Use the tweezers that come with the kit to insert the new pins.

  • Connect the Key Plug to the Housing

Check to make sure your pins are flush at the top. Slide the key plug back into the housing while the key is still in place.

  • Attach the Clip Ring

Using the included tool, the clip ring must be snapped back onto the cylinder.

  1. Install the Cylinder Lock on the Knob

Insert the cylinder from the back into the doorknob.

  1. Put the Knob on the Shank

Reattach the doorknob to the shank by sliding it back. As you turn the key, you will be able to continue inserting the Knob onto the shank. That’s it! You have done rekeying.

Rekeying the locks is super easy if you know the proper way to do so. Get the proper equipment, follow the given instructions, have some patience, and your locks will be rekeyed.